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Who are the people behind Get A Tip Every Time?
We are a husband and wife team with years of experience in the industry who have collaborated to bring great products into the beauty salon and service industry world.
Are your Gratuity Envelopes stricktly for salon use?
Absolutely not! You can use our Gratuity Envelopes to tip your favorite Starbucks Barista, your kids favorite babysitter, even your car valet. And you didn't hear it here, but our Gratuity Envelopes just might work for hotel room upgrades and tipping your way to the front row of the next concert you attend.
Do you carry any other products, other than Gratuity Envelopes?
Yes, we do! We have recently added an entire new line of products. Click on any of the category links to the left to check out our new line!

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